A new start with the Life 120 lifestyle.

Knowing our body and understanding the principles that govern it is the first step towards well-being and longevity.
The Life 120 lifestyle is based on three fundamental aspects: a healthy diet, adequate supplementation and proper physical activity. It is a new way of living, a new consciousness that puts the body and well-being at the centre of our priorities.
To achieve tangible results, all you have to do is try this lifestyle for thirty days, after which you can evaluate the results for yourself.

the life 120 lifestyle is based on three fundamental aspects

Without sacrificing taste

Why go hungry and give up the taste?
The good news is that you don't have to deny yourself the taste of food, let alone be hungry, but simply eliminate certain foods from your diet while effectively supplementing the missing micronutrients.

The Life 120 lifestyle is not a fleeting promise of a magic formula for weight loss alone, but a model for a new diet. It is a dietary journey that will not cost you the effort of a classic diet, but will prevent you from going back and regaining the lost weight quickly: a diet based on generalized deprivation cannot be mentally sustained in the long term and is doomed to failure.
In this new diet, we propose to abandon carbohydrates that induce a high insulin response, focusing on paleo foods such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit.

A correct complementary contribution

Our body is a perfect machine, capable of producing tens of thousands of proteins, thousands of different enzymes and hundreds of hormones. But the presence of all the micronutrients is essential for our body to perform its countless functions properly. Unfortunately, our diet, although correct, will never be able to fully cover all nutritional needs. Added to this is the increase in elements that chemically attack our metabolism, generating untold amounts of free radicals (including increased stress).a

For all of the above reasons, it is necessary to supplement micronutrients. This can be done by clearly identifying what our body is lacking and by targeted and conscious supplementation. Life 120 has in fact decided to manufacture only 17 supplements, to address and solve specific nutritional deficits: we are talking about free radical fighting, mineral and vitamin supplementation (in effective proportions), hormone regulators, omega-3 supplementation, and specific amino acids.

Age does not matter

How many times have we heard in the media or from our doctor that physical activity is important? However, this advice remains a dead letter since only 23% of Italians practice physical activity on a regular basis.
But if it is true that sport is of great importance, it is also true that it is necessary to identify the correct form of activity according to one's personal condition, without overdoing it in relation to one's real possibilities, at the risk of suffering adverse effects. At the same time, we must abandon the erroneous idea that physical activity should not be considered at an advanced age and is the preserve of young people practising sport. We need to be aware of the importance of physical activity for our body, which goes beyond the prevention of cardiovascular disease, as it is closely linked to our metabolism and the maintenance of our bone and muscle structure.

The main activities promoted by the Life 120 lifestyle are moderate weight training and swimming, possibly with the help of an instructor, in accordance with the Life 120 principles. These activities are among the most complete because they involve all the muscle groups of our body, favouring the reconstruction phase of the muscle mass and the extra-cellular matrix.
By embarking on the Life 120 path, one can once again expect these results, because in reality they are not only possible, but also easily attainable.