Living in good health, living better, living longer

The Life120 lifestyle offers a low-glycemic diet free of foods that can inflame the body, the use of the highest quality raw materials, and proper supplementation and physical activity.

These factors enable our body to fully express its anti-inflammatory, regenerative and antioxidant potential.

These three mechanisms are the basis for longevity and health, but due to stress and the abuse of sugar and foods with a high inflammatory potential, these processes often do not function properly and we risk premature ageing, which affects the quantity and quality of life.

Why choose life 120?

Why I see improvements after only 15 days without sacrifice

Our bodies are often severely taxed by poor eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of nutrients and vitamins. The Life120 revolution allows us to overcome the nutritional deficiencies of modern life, unburden the body, lose weight and gain significant health benefits.
As soon as we start to control the glycemic load of food and the quality of the food we eat, the body immediately starts to respond positively and you will see significant improvements in your weight and health in just 15 days. The reason is simple: if we eat a lot of carbohydrates, we use them as an energy source, turning the excess into fat. The fat we eat usually cannot be used, because we have already consumed the carbohydrates and so it is also stored. Automatically, we gain weight and in the most extreme cases, we form more deposits (e.g. fatty liver or fatty liver).
When we follow a low glycaemic load diet, the body, finding few sugars available, will let the brain use them (because the brain cannot use fat) and will use all the fat for energy purposes for the other cells, thus not allowing them to accumulate. This mechanism can be activated within the first few days and will therefore allow you to see results quickly, even on weight. The change of course will also improve water retention, thyroid and hormonal balance, and cell regeneration, all of which influence weight loss.

To lose weight safely

The Life120 lifestyle has a balanced fat, protein and carbohydrate profile thanks to the supplementation and the type of diet that allows for a correct intake of nutrients. This allows us to eat well, without feeling the pain of hunger. When we eat a lot of sugar, the body is dependent on it and, most of the time, uncomfortable symptoms can occur if we do not immediately supplement with a new dose of carbohydrates. In this situation, our metabolism is said to be "burning sugar", i.e. it needs carbohydrates for energy.
The body has very little capacity to produce its own sugars, which have to be supplemented more from the outside, which is why when we have a high glycemic diet we are always hungry! On the other hand, if we reduce our carbohydrate intake, our body uses fat. The latter are already stored in our body and so we don't need to supplement them from the outside as often as we need to supplement the former.
Therefore, by following the Life120 lifestyle, you will not feel hungry and you can lose weight without unnecessary suffering. A correct lifestyle also helps to improve your hormonal profile, by rebalancing the hormones that regulate the hunger and satiety mechanisms, leptin, ghrelin, cholecystokinin. In addition to nutritional intake, specially designed physical activity and targeted supplementation can improve the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone, by suppressing unwarranted peaks which, in addition to affecting health, can induce nervous hunger. But that's not all! Life120 also offers food products that, thanks to their balanced nutritional profile, will allow you to keep the taste and have noticeable improvements in your weight and health, without giving up happiness.

Why it follows you with Coach for free and forever

Our health is essential and we need to be advised by competent and trustworthy people.

Life120 provides you with professionals in the field who will be able to follow you step by step and answer all your questions, giving you the most appropriate advice for your needs.

You will finally find a point of reference you can rely on, a professional who does his work with passion and who will be available to support you and accompany you on your way.
You will always be followed by the same person, who will already know your dietary history, so that no detail is left to chance and the results are optimised.