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    Life 120



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    Multivitamineral Junior is a synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals that work in harmony to promote general growth and well-being in children.


    - 500 mg di Vitamina C
    - 50 µg di Vitamina D3
    - 1,1 mg di Vitamina B1 (Tiamina)
    - 1,4 mg di Vitamina B2 (Riboflavina)
    - 16 mg di Vitamina B3 (Niacina)
    - 6 mg di Vitamina B5 (Acido Pantotenico)
    - 1,4 mg di Vitamina B6 (Piridossina)
    - 50 μg di Vitamina H (Biotina)
    - 400 μg di Vitamina B9 (Acido Folico)
    - 2,5 μg di Vitamina B12 (Cobalamina)
    - 75 μg di Vitamina K1
    - 12 mg di Vitamin E
    - 800 μg di Vitamina A
    - 7 mg di Ferro
    - 7,5 mg di Zinco
    - 55 μg di Selenio
    - 40 μg di Cromo
    - 93,75 mg di Magnesio
    - 150 μg di Iodio
    - 1 mg di Rame
    - 175 mg di Calcio
    - 2 mg di Manganese

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    Dimensions de l'emballage: 13 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm


    • 120 comprimés
    • 5 comprimés pour chaque séance d'entraînement
    • 30 minutes avant à jeun
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    Overall development: healthy growth with strong bones and teeth

    Multivitamineral Junior is an essential ally for the full physical and cognitive development of growing children.

    The balanced combination of vitamins and minerals contained in this product is specially formulated to provide additional support for children's nutritional needs, ensuring harmonious growth and general well-being.

    Particularly important for bone formation, Multivitamineral Junior reinforces the action of osteocalcin, a protein with an endocrine role that guides calcium towards bones and teeth, by regulating the production of the bone matrix. This helps to strengthen bones and teeth by maintaining the correct balance between calcium and phosphorus.

    Increases energy and vitality

    Multivitamineral Junior is an invaluable aid for coping with the fatigue, tension and exhaustion that can affect children at times of intense activity, during school work or recreational activities. The balanced formulation acts as a source of energy, helping the body to transform food into immediate energy: this is particularly important during periods of stress or intense commitment, such as intensive study or play.

    Thanks to its combination of vitamins and minerals, it helps keep muscles in good shape, preventing cramps and muscle fatigue. Children can therefore enjoy their favourite activities without feeling tired or weak.

    The overall action of the ingredients supports not only the vitality of the muscles, but also the general vitality of the body, enabling children to face everyday challenges with energy and an active mind: a particularly important contribution to supporting daily routines, alertness and participation in activities, including learning at school.

    Improves concentration and learning

    B-complex vitamins and other micronutrients have a positive impact on cognitive function, improving concentration, memory and learning.

    These nutrients play a key role in optimal brain development, supporting the ability to learn and cope with cognitive challenges.

    Multivitamineral Junior plays a crucial role in supporting the nervous system and promoting concentration in children.

    The vitamins and minerals contained in this supplement work in synergy to optimise the functioning of the nervous system, which is responsible for transmitting vital signals and information between the brain and the rest of the body.

    Promotes the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin

    Multivitamineral Junior actively promotes the synthesis of haemoglobin, an essential protein which plays a vital role in transporting oxygen to the body's tissues. This process contributes to the formation of red blood cells and supports haemopoiesis, i.e. the production of all blood cells.

    Haemoglobin, present in red blood cells, is responsible for capturing oxygen from the lungs and transporting it to all parts of the body: sufficient oxygen in the tissues is essential for children's cognitive and physical health.

    Oxygen plays a crucial role in fuelling the mitochondria, the cellular structures responsible for cellular respiration and fat oxidation: adequate oxygenation is therefore essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism and can have a positive impact on body weight management.

    Immunostimulant and antioxidant

    Multivitamineral Junior provides a range of nutrients that act synergistically to support and strengthen children's immune response, helping them to maintain a robust immune system capable of coping effectively with external challenges.

    It contributes to the production and maturation of immune system cells, such as white blood cells, which play a crucial role in the body's defence against infection.

    It also has a protective effect on mucous membranes, helping to strengthen their ability to act as a defensive barrier against infection.

    Many of its components are known antioxidants, which help to combat oxidative stress and protect cells against damage caused by free radicals: this helps to maintain a healthier cellular environment and ensures that immune cells are fully functional.

    Vivre en bonne santé, vivre mieux, vivre plus longtemps

    Life 120 est une entreprise italienne dont la marque représente un mode de vie sain pour toute la famille.

    Nous avons créé toute une gamme de compléments qui, associés à un régime alimentaire approprié et à l'exercice physique, contribuent à rétablir les habitudes saines que le stress et la vie moderne nous obligent souvent à négliger.

    Dosage élevé, qualité, professionnalisme et éthique

    Ils constituent la base de toutes les recherches de Life 120, qui travaille quotidiennement sous le contrôle étroit d'experts en la matière.

    En tant que propriétaire de la marque, nous choisissons soigneusement ce que nous mettons sur le marché ; nous sommes nous-mêmes nos premiers clients, c'est pourquoi l'ensemble de la gamme de compléments reflète parfaitement notre philosophie de vie.

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