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    Life 120

    Aminoday Extreme - 120 Comprimés

    Aminoday Extreme - 120 Comprimés

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    Brand : vida 120

    Characteristics :

    • Increases resistance to fatigue. Useful for delaying the onset of physical fatigue, delaying muscle failure, even under conditions of high and intense physical stress. It is suitable both for improving endurance in endurance sports and for meeting the increased demand for excessive force in strength sports.
    • Greater strength and energy. It facilitates the assimilation of amino acids and creatine, favoring the synthesis of proteins and ATP, which leads to muscle growth. Increased production of nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator, leads to increased blood and nutrient flow to the muscles, with an added anabolic effect. Favors anabolic hormones, including testosterone and GH, to the detriment of catabolic hormones, including cortisol.
    • Reduces recovery time. Promotes the regeneration of fibers damaged by intense physical effort with protection of lean mass against psychophysical stress. It allows the neutralization of lactic acid accumulated during training and the elimination of ammonia (a potentially harmful compound that is produced in greater quantities during intense muscular work) that would cause fatigue, make muscle contraction difficult and cause a loss of strength.
    • Lesion reduction Reduces the inflammatory state induced by high workloads. It favors the reduction of fatigue and pain by accelerating joint and muscle recovery. Allows you to increase the intensity of training. Stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, thus protecting bone and joint structures.

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    package dimensions : 5,1 x 3,1 x 3,1 inches


    Amino acids are naturally present in proteins and contribute to the development and recovery of muscle mass. Each individual amino acid provides valuable support to the body during training and each daily dose contains

    860 mg of cysteine:
    is a precursor to the synthesis of glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant in the human body, which increases exercise tolerance by minimizing oxidative damage induced by free radicals produced during training. It is also a key constituent of the hair structure (where it repairs structural damage by slowing down hair loss).
    803 mg de citrulline :
    is involved in the production of nitric oxide, a gas important for muscle growth because it causes an increase in the caliber of the vessels (vasodilation), thus allowing more blood (and therefore oxygen and nutrients) to flow to the muscular. It also exerts a buffering effect on lactic acid, thus counteracting muscle fatigue. It also promotes recovery.
    573mg glutamine:
    Promotes the entry of water, amino acids and other substances into muscle cells, thus promoting increased volume and hypertrophy. It also promotes the release of GH (growth hormone), protein synthesis and inhibits catabolism (loss of muscle).
    573mg of lysine:
    is a precursor of carnitine, creates a favorable situation for an increased production of GH with a significant improvement in strength and sports performance. Thanks to its immune support activity, it helps to prevent the overtraining syndrome that affects many athletes subjected to particularly intense training regimens. It also plays an important role in collagen synthesis and bone mineralization by contributing to the fixation of calcium and thus limiting the loss of bone matrix.
    516mg Arginine:
    promotes the production of nitric oxide, improves vascularization by increasing the supply of oxygen to the muscles and the brain (increased physical and mental reactivity). Positive effects are observed on athletic performance and also on recovery after very intensive training. It increases the energy boost and optimizes the hormonal response to the stresses of training, thus promoting the increase in muscle mass. Arginine supplementation contributes to increased GH secretion, and this activity is more noticeable in elderly, sarcopenic and defecated subjects.
    401mg of Glycine:
    promotes the function of mitochondria and fibroblasts by preserving the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It protects the cells of the nervous system while improving the quality of sleep (essential to allow tissue repair after physical exertion and increase muscle tone). Glycine proves to be an adjuvant in the treatment of obesity, increases serotonin levels in the brain and reduces muscle contractions during sleep.
    401 mg of L-Methionine:
    being a precursor and activator of keratin synthesis, has a stimulating effect on hair length, diameter and density, thus counteracting hair loss. It participates in the synthesis of carnitine and melatonin. Contributes to the synthesis of creatine used in the muscles to replenish ATP (energy) stores during the first seconds of muscle contraction.
    401 mg of taurine:
    Has an anti-fatigue action, contributing significantly to the increase in energy. Protects against oxidative damage from excessive exercise, counteracting post-exercise muscle inflammation. Taurine regulates muscle contraction by increasing the availability of calcium in the sarcoplasmic reticulum. It also promotes the entry of glucose and amino acids into cells, thereby stimulating energy and protein synthesis.
    287 mg of alpha lipoic acid:
    is defined as an element of insulin-like action in that it mimics the action of insulin through its ability to rapidly transfer amino acids and creatine into muscle cells, thereby enhancing muscle anabolism (growth). Very suitable as a pre-workout. It also helps control blood sugar and increases glucose absorption. It has an antioxidant effect, protecting the athlete's tissues from excessive damage caused by free radicals produced during increased oxygen consumption. It serves to increase the energy produced by the mitochondria through increased fat oxidation.
    172 mg of Threonine L USP:
    is one of the amino acids most prone to energy oxidation, hence the interest of a greater intake in athletes. Also, it is part of many structural proteins (which make up tissues, hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies) including collagen and elastin, and is actually used in sports to prevent muscle and tendon injuries.

    Expédition et retours

    Le seuil pour la livraison gratuite est de 50 €.
    Le seuil minimum pour la livraison gratuite est de 80 €.
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    Dimensions de l'emballage: 13 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm


    • 120 comprimés
    • 5 comprimés pour chaque séance d'entraînement
    • 30 minutes avant à jeun
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    Augmente la résistance à la fatigue

    Utile pour retarder l'apparition de la fatigue physique en repoussant la défaillance musculaire, même dans des conditions de stress physique sévère et intense.

    Il convient à la fois pour augmenter l'endurance dans les sports d'endurance et pour faire face à la demande accrue de force explosive dans les sports de force.

    Augmentation de la force et de l'énergie

    Facilite l'entrée des acides aminés et de la créatine en favorisant la synthèse des protéines et de l'ATP, ce qui entraîne une croissance musculaire. L'augmentation de la production d'oxyde nitrique, un puissant vasodilatateur, se traduit par une augmentation du flux sanguin et des nutriments vers le muscle, avec un effet anabolisant supplémentaire.

    Il favorise les hormones anabolisantes, dont la testostérone et la GH, au détriment des hormones catabolisantes, dont le cortisol.

    Réduction du temps de récupération

    Favorise la régénération des fibres endommagées par un effort physique intense et protège la masse maigre du stress psychophysique.

    Permet la neutralisation de l'acide lactique accumulé pendant l'entraînement et l'élimination de l'ammoniaque (composé potentiellement nocif produit en plus grande quantité lors d'un travail musculaire intense), qui provoquerait la fatigue, entraverait la contraction musculaire et entraînerait une perte de force.

    Réduire les blessures

    Réduit l'état inflammatoire induit par une charge de travail élevée.
    Favorise la réduction de la fatigue et de la douleur en accélérant la récupération articulaire et musculaire.

    Permet d'augmenter l'intensité de l'entraînement. Stimule la synthèse de l'élastine et du collagène, protégeant ainsi les structures osseuses et <b>articulaires</b>.

    Vivre en bonne santé, vivre mieux, vivre plus longtemps

    Life 120 est une entreprise italienne dont la marque représente un mode de vie sain pour toute la famille.

    Nous avons créé toute une gamme de compléments qui, associés à un régime alimentaire approprié et à l'exercice physique, contribuent à rétablir les habitudes saines que le stress et la vie moderne nous obligent souvent à négliger.

    Dosage élevé, qualité, professionnalisme et éthique

    Ils constituent la base de toutes les recherches de Life 120, qui travaille quotidiennement sous le contrôle étroit d'experts en la matière.

    En tant que propriétaire de la marque, nous choisissons soigneusement ce que nous mettons sur le marché ; nous sommes nous-mêmes nos premiers clients, c'est pourquoi l'ensemble de la gamme de compléments reflète parfaitement notre philosophie de vie.